Refund Policy

Last Updated: August 2021

In any occasion, any funds deposited will not be liable for a refund if the initial design and concepts (after delivery) are approved, or a change is asked for unless Designkago cancels or ends your Contract for a reason other than your breach or non-execution.

All requests for refund will be as per the following agreement:

1. You make a solicitation when the underlying ideas for a logo are provided. However, once you approve or ask for changes in the initial designs or request additional designs, the refund offer will be void and a request for refund will not be entertained.

Once the project has been entered in revision phase, the refund offer will be void and a request for refund will not be made. However, we believe in 100% customer satisfaction so we will make corrections till satisfaction.

On the off chance that demand for refund is made before the delivery of initial design concepts due to any of these reasons;

  • No requirements for design filled in the process of order placement.
  • Duplicate orders placed by mistake (in which the client notifies designkago of such mistake within 48 hours).
  • Then you would qualify for a full refund (less 10% administration and preparing charge).

2. No request for refund will be entertained after inaction by the customer after 30 days.

All refund request should be made to DesignKago support (support@designkago.com). Designkago reserves the right to approve/reject any and all refund requests based on an individual case to case premise.

3. No refund will be entertained after the final files have been delivered.

4. For Website bundles, no refund will be made once the initial design mock up has been revised or the inner pages have been created with client's approval.

For instance, in the event that you request for a logo and web design and approve of the logo, you are eligible for the refund of the website service at the time of initial design only.

A refund request should have a legitimate reason which must be qualified against the outline brief and client input for revisions. Unless an idea has not been composed as per brief, a refund will not be approved also discount won’t be given, however further revisions will be provided until you are satisfied.

It is also to be noted that, under any circumstances, both parties (Designkago& Client) agree not to attack/criticize each other and any of its employee, associate/s or partner/s publicly (on public forums, blogs, social networks etc.) at any given time during or subsequent to contract period. Similarly, both parties agree not to talk on forums, blogs, community groups or any social media in a way which brings bad name to either party or any of its employee, associate or partner. In case of breach, the breaching party would have to pay a reasonable compensation decided by the non-breaching party as damages.

All design jobs require client input before finishing the design which is why it is requested that the customer is active throughout the process and gives feedback in order to get the required results.

100% unique design guarantee qualifies you for a new logo if the logo designed by Designkago is found to be considerably similar to another design that already exists. Any likeness to a current outline will be just a fortuitous event and Designkago won’t acknowledge any responsibility or claim of any compensation in such a case. It is the client’s responsibility to get their artwork Trademarked.

How To Claim Your Refund

To ensure that your refund request is processed effectively and is approved, please make sure that you meet the following requirements.

Specify your concern and claim your refund through any of the following three modes :

  • Live Chat: (the chat box on the lower right of the website screen).
  • Email: (Support@designkago.com)